Oct 31, 2009

20 kids later and we're still alive

I know, I say it after each party "never again". But seriously, I'm sure I will do it again if they ask...kind of like walking 60 km year after year. ahem.

We had a birthday party for Bryanna at our house on Friday night (her birthday) with 20 kids. We could not have done this without the help of our dear suckers friends Shadia, Diana, Charlene and Zubin, and of course our clean-up crew (Nana & Poppa) who opted not to hide out in our bedroom.

One thing that was cemented into my brain during this party is that boys definitely have a different energy than girls!

Oct 30, 2009

7 years later

Seven years ago, Keith and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into

We were very excited about the prospect of  having our own family, each with our own delusions dreams. What happened when Bryanna was born was nothing like we thought it would be. Our first bubble to be burst would be the labour part. My labour was nothing like the TLC baby stories I had watched. My labour was quick and scary and involved a vacuum and many stitches. The second bubble to burst was the breastfeeding part. It didn't work for us at first. NOT. AT. ALL. My bottom end was so painful I could barely move and my top end was quickly competing with my bottom end in the pain category.

The drive home from the hospital was the slowest I've ever seen Keith drive. I think we could have gotten a ticket for going so far under the speed limit (or speed lemon as per Caitlin).

Eventually things improved and we took it one day at a time. Bryanna has always been an easy baby, toddler, little girl, which has helped. Oh, she does have her moments, but don't we all.

Happy Birthday to the little girl who first made me a mom. I love you!

Oct 27, 2009

Totally loving it

I've inherited my father's ability to chat up anyone. Apparently, it's been an asset since we've been in Las Vegas. We're finding out the best places to eat and the best place to get deals. Someone in one of our elevator rides told us about the kiosk in front of Treasure Island where you buy one ticket to Mystere and get the other free....all you have to do is ask! Tonight Keith and I saw Mystere. It's a Cirque de Soleil show playing at Treasure Island. It was incredible.

We were so in awe of the show and had so much fun that we decided to take the tram over to the Mirage and see how much it cost for tickets to the Beatles 'Love' show. When we arrived, the 7pm show was just ending and we talked to a few people coming out. They were all raving about it, so we went and stood in line to possibly purchase tickets for tomorrow. It was our turn next when someone came from behind us and gave us two tickets for the 9pm show because his wife was sick and they couldn't go. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! They weren't just tickets, they were FRONT ROW TICKETS PEOPLE. We were so thankful for these tickets because once we saw the price, there was no way we could afford to have bought them.

Two incredible shows in one night...does it get any better than that?

view from the bus while going to the outlet mall (this is an older casino)

another older casino

us on the bus after a full day of shopping

view of older casinos at night

We were supposed to go for supper, but ran out of time so we just grabbed tortillas and crab dip here. There was a competition, and our cool bartender 'Steve' from Canada won...which meant everyone sitting in his section got free shots - this was fun...crab dip, shots, then watch Mystere...

view from our seats at Mystere

 view from our seats at Beatles 'Love'

us in the theatre for 'Love'

view of our hotel at night (niiiiiiiiiice!)

um...this is in the hotel lobby store right next to the advil, band-aids, and toothpaste.Viva Las Vegas!

Oct 26, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Can you believe it? Me either. We're in Vegas!!

The only way I can describe it so far is sureal.

We are missing the kids SO much already. Tried calling around 4pm home time and the girls were outside and Devon was still sleeping. We didn't make it back to our hotel in time to call them before bed because it took us so long to walk just 2 hotels down the strip. Nothing is clear cut in trying to get from point A to point B. You must first go up three escalators, do three cartwheels, walk through 2 casinos, perform karaoke and then you're you're still not even close.

us driving to the airport...it's SO early

our hotel - how cool is THAT?

Everything is larger than life here. Las Vegas has...

motorcycles coming out of buildings...

 talking trees....

$2,000 sunglasses....

pirate ships...

curious signs posted in the washrooms....

and even the Eiffel Tower!

Oct 20, 2009

Oct 15, 2009

Artistic license now revoked

It took me almost half an hour to get this cleaned up with the help of a Mr. Clean eraser and a lot of elbow grease. So much for my idea of a little work table with markers for them to use when they want. THE MARKERS ARE NOW IN A CUPBOARD OUT OF REACH.

Oct 10, 2009

I would do it all over again

When I tell people how old I was when I got married, I get the look. You know, the look.

Thing is, I figure I lucked out in finding him at such a young age. I give myself credit for realizing it and not letting him go. He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

I'm a storm and he's my rudder, ehm, so to speak.

Happy 11th anniversary to the person I love the most *smooch*

Oct 7, 2009

Growing up, one tooth at a time

My little monkey lost her first tooth on October 5th. It had been wiggly for a bit and when it finally got really wiggly, I asked her if I could pull it out. Much to my shock, she said yes. I pulled. It came out. She was THRILLED. The toothfairy that lives in our area pays a twonie per tooth. She woke up, found the money and promptly put it in her shoe "piggy" bank.