Aug 15, 2009

Pool toys

We discovered the best pool toy ever. I actually think it should receive the toy-of-the-year award.

It’s called the Daddy 2009. Best part?’s FREE!

Check out her pointed toes, maybe we should put her in gymnastics!

Aug 13, 2009

Smells Like...

We bought a new shampoo for the kids.

Caitlin: “Do you know what this smells like?”

Daddy: “What?”

Caitlin: “Mommy’s coconut rum punch!”

Aug 10, 2009

Care Bears

I went to a birthday party with Devon for a four year old girl.

Every aspect of the party was wonderful, everything was perfect.

I mean perfect.

The mom does everything that I’ve always thought I would love to do. She plans the best parties ever. You know, the one’s that the kids are talking about even at their high school graduation. She does the best scrapbooking. She does tons of crafts with her kids, which are beautifully displayed throughout the house. The back yard is immaculate. She has a beautiful vegetable garden.

I love crafty things, I love scrapbooking, I love to bake, I had plans to start a garden.


I barely have time do to crafty things with the kids, and I shudder a bit at the thought of pulling out paint and glue for the fear of the mess and havoc it usually creates.

I haven’t scrapbooked in almost three years, I choose sleep instead.

I sometimes bake with the kids, but it’s definitely not a beautiful cake or cookie that you would be proud to display.

The new shrubs we planted in the spring are being strangled by the weeds towering over them. garden?

The last few birthday parties that I planned consisted of either me calling Mr. Loblaws for a cake or doing a quick Duncan Hynes mix and throwing smarties all over the icing.

The decorations are the same dollar store streamers from two years ago.

Nothing matches.

Really though, you should have seen the Care Bear cookies that were individually decorated.


These effin Care Bears are making me feel inadequate as a mom.

Aug 7, 2009

Potential Rock Star

Devon loves music. We’re convinced that there is a continuous soundtrack playing in his head. He makes up songs for EVERYTHING.

I’m putting on my shoes, puttin’ on my shoes, my shoes, MY SHOEEEEESSS.

Up the stairs I’m going, I’m going up, up, UP, UUUUUPPPPPP.

He has also loved guitars since he could hold the plastic red Wiggles guitar. He loves to pretend he’s playing and make up songs. He put on a concert for me today.

Talking about the song he will sing for me

Singing a heartfelt song about bare feet

Mom, let me seeeeeeeeeee the picture

Playing a solo, check out his face, he’s SO into it

Mom, let me seeeeeeeeeee the picture

I think he’s channelling Elvis here

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my fans!

Aug 5, 2009

Bedtime Braids = Princess, Who Knew?

Tonight at bedtime after brushing teeth, Bryanna came in the bathroom and asked me if I would put her hair in braids for bedtime.

I was quite surprised – shocked actually. She never wants me to touch her hair, her face, her ears, or any part of her head for that matter.

Of course you can have braids! I try not to smile too much or make eye contact in case she changes her mind.

Caitlin now comes in the bathroom and requests braids for bedtime as well.


You want braids too? Now I have to ask.

Me: “Why do you girls want braids for bedtime?”

Girls: “Because Cinderella puts her hair in braids at bedtime too!”


I knew there had to be a reason. They just watched Cinderella this afternoon.

I wonder how long my two princesses will be requesting braids.

Oh, and they only wanted the braids, they were completely opposed to doing all of Cinderella’s chores before bedtime.

Aug 4, 2009

Sick of all the Poo and Pee

I’m so tired of all the poo and pee. I really am. Really.

Just recently, we had a conversation about kids peeing in the pool. You know it happens right? NO, no, I did not know that. I was under the wonderful allusion that it does NOT really happen. I liked it that way. Then we moved on to discussing just how long adults stay in the swim-up bars drinking without ever getting out of the pool. YUCK. OH MY GOODNESS YUCK.

While we’re on the topic of pee, I don’t understand how all three of my children have to pee a gallon of urine after they’ve been in the swimming pool for 5 minutes. Is it osmosis?

Naturally, our bathroom is at the front of the house so they have to run all the way through the house sopping wet to get to the toilet. Often, they slip and fall in all the water. Sometimes they barely make it to the toilet and other times they just end up peeing on the floor around the toilet. Seriously? Like you didn’t know you had to pee this badly?

We came up with this great idea to put a potty seat in the outdoor cabane right next to the pool.

This worked for about a week. I think now that they know it is so close they wait even longer before exiting the pool. I am now SO TIRED OF CLEANING PEE FROM THE CABANE FLOOR!

Just in case you’re still wondering why I’m so sick of the pee and poo...

Setting: The kids and I were all swimming in the pool

Devon: “I’m pooped.”


Devon: “No, I didn’t poop, I’m pooped, my yawns are coming.”

Me: “oh, pooped, okay, get back in.”

Setting: I was at the table eating lunch when

Devon: “Look at my hand, you know why it’s all wet?"

Me: “Why?

Devon: “Because I stuck it in the toilet.”


Aug 2, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away – or Not!

Kids: “Can we watch TV?”

Me: “No, it’s beautiful outside, we will watch TV if it rains.”

I swear to God they are all doing daily rain dances.

It’s SO working.

We have had a seriously wet summer. SERIOUSLY. WET.

We haven’t watered any of our flowers or the grass yet, and the garden looks wonderful, and the grass has to be mowed twice a week.

How many hours of TV per day does it really take to rot your brain? Just asking.

Ps: we just watched Bolt with the kids and they are totally on board for getting a dog – they want Bolt!