Oct 30, 2009

7 years later

Seven years ago, Keith and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into

We were very excited about the prospect of  having our own family, each with our own delusions dreams. What happened when Bryanna was born was nothing like we thought it would be. Our first bubble to be burst would be the labour part. My labour was nothing like the TLC baby stories I had watched. My labour was quick and scary and involved a vacuum and many stitches. The second bubble to burst was the breastfeeding part. It didn't work for us at first. NOT. AT. ALL. My bottom end was so painful I could barely move and my top end was quickly competing with my bottom end in the pain category.

The drive home from the hospital was the slowest I've ever seen Keith drive. I think we could have gotten a ticket for going so far under the speed limit (or speed lemon as per Caitlin).

Eventually things improved and we took it one day at a time. Bryanna has always been an easy baby, toddler, little girl, which has helped. Oh, she does have her moments, but don't we all.

Happy Birthday to the little girl who first made me a mom. I love you!

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