Jul 5, 2009

Home Fireworks = Stupidity

We went to a family block party tonight to celebrate Canada Day and well...really, just an excuse to have some fun with friends who all happen to live on the same crescent. After much drinking, to the point where most adults could not walk a straight line, the home fireworks came out.

Keith (ahem, and most people who know me well) often calls me Marlin. You know, Nemo’s dad. Yes, I admit it, I wear the name well, but, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, I just don’t want anything bad to EVER happen to my kids – is that so wrong?

So back to the fireworks, I’m driving, which means I’m sober. Way to sober to think in any way possible that home fireworks are a good idea. I am, however, in the minority. The adults gather all the children in one spot before setting off dangerous flying flames the fireworks. Caitlin, who is five, decides this isn’t such a good idea and goes inside one of the houses. (We did just witness someone being arrested last night for setting off home fireworks near the fair. Such a smart kid – I hope she continues to make her own choices and not cave to peer pressure when she’s older.)

Fireworks Begin: Colors, noises, cracking....that’s just me grinding my teeth with nervousness and closing my eyes so tight I can see colors.

Fireworks Really Begin: Okay...this isn’t so bad...OMG, OMG, OMG...okay...are they over yet? OMG, OMG, OMG, I can’t look. Yikes...that one landed on the roof of the house. Bam, bam, bam....WTF!!!! HOLY SH*T, they are flying directly at all the children!!.

The children learned a new vocabulary during those scary 40 seconds of hell when the last round of fireworks fell over and shot directly into the crowd of kids instead of the sky. Let’s just say that many expletives were used.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Lesson learned: if this happens next year, we're ALL going in the house with Caitlin.

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