Jul 15, 2009

No Puppy for YOU!

Keith has finally caved agreed that we could get a dog. We don’t want to buy a dog, we want to rescue a dog that needs a home. Preferably, we’d like to get a puppy so we can train him/her ourselves.

We completed an adoption form to rescue a pup and we received a very polite PFO because our children are too young.

“My suggestion would be to wait another full year or two before considering adoption....for the sake of your children.”

SERIOUSLY?! It’s not like we want to adopt a pit-bull, it’s a golden lab for goodness sake. We’d like to adopt Daisy. The girls looked at this picture of her and said, “she’s so sad! If she came to our house she could be part of our family and be happy”.

We will have to move on to Plan B.

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