Aug 5, 2009

Bedtime Braids = Princess, Who Knew?

Tonight at bedtime after brushing teeth, Bryanna came in the bathroom and asked me if I would put her hair in braids for bedtime.

I was quite surprised – shocked actually. She never wants me to touch her hair, her face, her ears, or any part of her head for that matter.

Of course you can have braids! I try not to smile too much or make eye contact in case she changes her mind.

Caitlin now comes in the bathroom and requests braids for bedtime as well.


You want braids too? Now I have to ask.

Me: “Why do you girls want braids for bedtime?”

Girls: “Because Cinderella puts her hair in braids at bedtime too!”


I knew there had to be a reason. They just watched Cinderella this afternoon.

I wonder how long my two princesses will be requesting braids.

Oh, and they only wanted the braids, they were completely opposed to doing all of Cinderella’s chores before bedtime.

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