Jun 30, 2009

Grammy, take 2

I had a wonderful relationship with my Grammy. I have so many fond memories of her and I was blessed to live in the same city so I could see her almost daily and spend the night at her house often. She peeled oranges for me at night and taught me how to play cat’s cradle. We would stay up late and watch Matlock together. She would tuck me in at night and I would stick my feet out the bottom of the bed...she would come back in three or four times to make sure my feet weren’t cold. Sadly, my Grammy passed away a few months before I was married.

My mom and I live about 9 hours apart so we don’t see each other often enough. My mom, is now playing Grammy to my children. She is spending the month of July with us and does she ever remind me of my Grammy. I wish we were closer so that my children could have the benefit of that kind of relationship, and frankly, I just really miss my mom.

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