Jun 23, 2009

School’s out for Summer

No more pencils, no more books, no more...that tune has been playing in my head since I woke up.

Today at 1pm is the last day of kindergarten for Bryanna. Next year she will be in Grade 1. She will no longer receive the special treatment that kindergartners get. She will move to the big playground with the rest of the school. She will be required to sit at a desk for most of the day. Am I ready for this monumental change? Ahem, I mean, is she ready for this? I’m not sure where the time went. She just started kindergarten. It was just yesterday I was peeling myself away from the school in tears. It was just yesterday I gave birth to my first-born beautiful baby with the big eyes and perfectly shaped lips.

I am so proud of everything she has done this year in school. She can now understand and follow a conversation in French. She still does not speak in French, except for singing her French school songs. Does that count? She never said a word as an infant, and then unexpectedly, she started speaking full sentences when she was two years old. I think she was waiting until it was perfect in her head before trying it aloud. Possibly, she is doing the same thing with French.

Bryanna with Mme Sabrina and Mme Rénouka

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  1. Oh my, Bryanna's getting SO big! Grade 1 - AHHH! I can't imagine what it must be like - Jess stands without holding onto something and I burst into tears becaues it's going too fast! Pretty soon they'll be asking for the car keys! Thanks for sharing Tracy - I will DEFINITELY be following your adventures (and thanks for following mine!)
    - Shaunna