Jun 28, 2009

Shopping with Kids

If I had a photo for this blog, it would be of Keith or I at our wits end. Why am I saying this you ask? It’s because we brought all three kids with us to go couch shopping. They were everywhere touching everything and it was extremely difficult to corral them all in while actually shopping. I wonder if furniture stores would let you bring in your own sheep dog.

It may not have been as difficult with two kids, because we could each be assigned to a child. It was when we moved to three children that our strategy had to change from man-to-man to zone defense. We’re still trying to perfect this strategy.

Last month we attempted furniture shopping as well. Devon saw a fancy wire light thing-a-ma-bob and grabbed it. He got a big shock and burned his fingers quite badly. We ended up in the emergency room of the children’s hospital; we took it as a sign that maybe it wasn’t time to buy a couch.

Obviously, we didn’t learn our lesson. This round, the two youngest of our always-well-behaved crew knocked over a VERY large mirror onto their heads and almost onto the floor. Thankfully, I was standing close enough to lunge forward and catch it with no damage done except scaring the crap out of the two offenders. At this point, we decided it would be best to leave.

Could this be another sign that we don't really need a couch after all?

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